Leptin Cocoa Hot Chocolate 瘦身可可,Leptin Coffee瘦身咖啡,Leptin Weight Loss Dried Plum 瘦身话梅

Leptin Cocoa Hot Chocolate 瘦身可可

Leptin Slimming Cocoa

The Cocoa contained in this product is dried and fully fermented and contains high levels of flavonoids. This Chocolate Slimming beverage contains large amounts of anti-oxidants such as epicatechins and polyphenols. The fibre present in this cocoa is linked to weightloss due to it’s ability to assist blocking some fat absorption as well as gives a satisfied feeling of fullness. This delicious tasting slimming drink is caffiene free and can be consumed as a traditional hot chocolate or as a cold chocolate beverage. This product performs equally if it is consumed hot or cold and is designed for those sensitive to the effects of caffeine or natural stimulants such as Panax Ginseng or Ginko Biloba Leaves found in other products in the Leptin Slimming Range.

Leptin Slimming Hot/Cold Chocolate has given good assistance to those wishing to reduce weight and results and feedback from this product suggest it is another succesful Leptin Slimming Product.

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa, Milk, Fructus Aurantii Immaturus, Ginger Essence, Lotus Leaf Essence, Wild Rose Essence, Chitin, Chinese Rose Essence, Vitamin B3, B6, VC

DIRECTIONS: Take one pack early to mid-morning, add contents of sachet to cup, add boiling water, add sugar and milk if desired, can also be consumed as a cold drink.

CONTENTS: 5g per pack, 18 individual packs of cocoa in a factory sealed box. One box contains an 18 day supply.

PRECAUTION: This product is not for pregnant or breast-feeding women, stroke patients, cardiovascular disease, or lactose intolerant.

【规格】每盒有 18包,每包可调配成100ml的可可。
【用法】只需每日早晨热水80-100ml冲可可饮用1包,可加入糖和牛奶如果需要,也可作为冷饮消费。 助你轻松燃烧卡路 里,消除体内积聚的脂肪,有持续饱肚感,减少吃零食习惯。

本品服用1周一般人士可减体重5磅,欲加快效果者请适当控 制饮食或增加运动量,效果更佳。

18包本店产品都是纯天然的,无副作用,不会腹泻。剛剛第一次用該產品的人提議在第一個星期先飲用一天 1/2包,這個期間是讓人體先適應該產品,過後第二個星期開始一天飲用1包。
大部分人会感到口渴,这是正常的。因为燃烧脂肪需要消耗大量水分,您 只要多喝水,补充充足的水分就可以了。

提示 :不可增量至每天两包
容量 :18包*5g/盒
生产商 :美国Leptin制药公司

在可可载于本产品的干燥,并充分发酵,含有黄酮高。这种巧克力减肥饮料,其中含有大量的反如 epicatechins和多酚类,氧化剂。在这种可可纤维目前正与weightloss由于它的能力,帮助抑制一些脂肪的吸收,以及丰满给出了一个满意 的感觉。这品尝美味的减肥饮料不含caffiene的,可以作为一个传统的热巧克力或巧克力作为冷饮料消费。此产品性能同样,如果是消费过热或过冷,是为 那些对咖啡因或诸如人参银杏银杏叶或天然的兴奋剂,在其他范围瘦素减肥产品中的敏感而设计的。

瘦素减肥热/冷巧克力了很好的帮助那些希 望降低这种产品的重量和结果的反馈显示,这是另一个成功的瘦素纤体产品。

成份:可可,牛奶,枳实,生姜精华,荷叶本质,野玫瑰精华,甲 壳素,中国玫瑰精华,维生素B3,B6中,风险投资

♥♥♥♥♥ 注意事项及其相关问题:
1. 减肥咖啡要在清晨空腹喝。一定要空腹哦!而且越早越好。早上不能 就一个苹果对付,要吃饱吃好,但是要清淡!

2. 一定要多喝水。而且他有燃脂的功效,早上起床喝完运动20分钟,可以燃烧比 平常多很多的脂肪噢~~

3. 一般一个星期开始排掉多余的水分,真正才开始减脂肪噢~~而且是前期慢后期快。

4. 减肥可可不是药,不是保健食品,它是食字号产品。所以可以放心使用,不会产生依赖性,正因为不是药,不是功能性保健品,所以他的减肥速度不是一天就减的! 是通过茶多酚、食物纤维让大家的体内不易形成脂肪!它不是抑制食欲,是通过改善肠胃,让大家恢复正常的饮食习惯哦!每天三餐还是会想吃饭,但是一般来说一 小半碗饭就会很饱了。所以这个跟那些通过抑制人体食欲的要有截然不同哦 !

不要在月经期间服 用。初次服用在月经过后1 - 2天较好,平时也可以服用,月经来了则停药,结束后 天继续服用,不会影响减肥效果。

6. 不适合人群:

Leptin Coffee 畅销产品NO.1:瘦身咖啡

Leptin Slimming Green Coffee
Why waste your money with other sellers charging more?
Why bother with weight lose centres?
This could be your answer!

Full of Antioxidants

100% natural and herbal
easy-to-use & powerful
Leptin Green Slimming Coffee --- Natural Slimming Coffee
Natural Slimming Coffee, Best Herbal Slimming Formula

Suppresses appetite safely

Natural Antioxidant and Weight Loss Enhancer

Slimming Green Coffee is an organic coffee drink, made from 100% top-quality organic green coffee beans, which means that you can easily fit this into your morning schedule.
Slimming Green Coffee is created from the highest quality organic green coffee beans, which help to reduce the absorption of sugar from the food you eat. This in turn cuts down on the number of calories taken up by the body, thus forcing the body to look for other sources of energy and the most obvious one is stored body fat. Hooray!
Green Coffee 800 formula is a "drug-free" dietary supplement that was developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When used with a healthy diet plan, Green Coffee 800 curbs your appetite and stimulates your body to burn fat and calories.

70 mg calcium
250 mg chromium ( as chromium dinicotinate Glycinate)
700 mg Propietary Herbal Blend:
Green tea leaf standardized extract (180 mg antioxidant polyphenols,90 mg epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), 50 mg naturally occurring caffeine, Asian Panax Ginseng root standardized.)

Directions: Take one pack a day in the mid-morning with 100ml hot water (serve as traditional instant coffee). Recommended minimum of 3 liters of water per day.

Contents: 18 packs of green coffee 800 in a factory sealed box
(a 18 day supply)

Usage: 1 pack/day (1/2 pack/day for the 1st week who start using)

Indications: Serve as traditional instant coffee

Suitable Population: For simply obesity, post partum fat, and people who want to keep fit.

Suitable Age: 18 - 45 Years Old

Precaution: Not for pregnant or breast-feeding women, cardiovascular disease and stroke patients.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
Just Eat in Moderation, Eat Healthy and Do Moderate Exercise!

But if you are a particular unhealthy eater expect an extremely low weight loss, however if you eat healthy and exercise moderately you can expect to get good results and if you do indulge a little, you know that slimming green coffee is working hard for you!

Benefits of Losing Weight
When you decide to lose weight, you’ve made the choice to become healthier. There are so many benefits to losing weight:

• Reducing your risk of developing heart disease
• Reduced risk of having a stroke.
• Reduced chance of developing diabetes.
• Reduced stress on the joints in your knees, hips and back.
• Increased self-image and improved self esteem.
• Increased energy levels.

市 面上太多假货了,不要为了省十几块而买假货!!

【用 法】只需每日早晨热水80-100ml冲咖啡饮用1包,助你轻松燃烧卡路 里,消除体内积聚的脂肪,有持续饱肚感,减少吃零食习惯。
[主要原 料]:速溶咖啡、甲壳素/几丁聚醣、藤黄果皮素、甲酸铬、瓜拿纳、玫瑰花茶、菩提叶、维他命B3、B6、VC.
本品服用1周一般人士可减体重5 磅,欲加快效果者请适当控制饮食或增加运动量,效果更佳。

18包本店产品都是纯天然的,无副作用,不会腹泻。剛剛第一次用該產品的人提 議在第一個星期先飲用一天1/2包,這個期間是讓人體先適應該產品,過後第二個星期開始一天飲用1包。
大部分人会感到口渴,这是正常的。因为燃 烧脂肪需要消耗大量水分,您只要多喝水3 Liters,补充充足的水分就可以了。减肥咖啡在过去的一年里,在美容院,实体店和批发客户那里都销售的非常好。请各位顾客放心购买。

提 示 :不可增量至每天两包
容量 :18包*5g/盒
生产商 :美国Leptin制药公司

♥♥♥♥♥ 注意事项及其相关问题:
1. 减肥咖啡要在清晨空腹喝。一定要空腹哦!而且越早越好。早上不能 就一个苹果对付,要吃饱吃好,但是要清淡!

2. 一定要多喝水一定要多喝水。而且他有燃脂的功效,早上起床喝完运动20分钟,可以燃烧比 平常多很多的脂肪噢~~

3. 一般一个星期开始排掉多余的水分,真正才开始减脂肪噢~~而且是前期慢后期快。

4. 减肥咖啡,当然是咖啡,所以当然有提神的功效,不要晚上喝哦~大清早喝,还可以保持一天充沛的体力哦~!

5. 减肥咖啡不是药,不是保健食品,它是食字号产品。所以可以放心使用,不会产生依赖性,正因为不是药,不是功能性保健品,所以他的减肥速度不是一天就减的! 是通过茶多酚、食物纤维让大家的体内不易形成脂肪!它不是抑制食欲,是通过改善肠胃,让大家恢复正常的饮食习惯哦!每天三餐还是会想吃饭,但是一般来说一 小半碗饭就会很饱了。所以这个跟那些通过抑制人体食欲的要有截然不同哦 !

不要在月经期间服 用。初次服用在月经过后1 - 2天较好,平时也可以服用,月经来了则停药,结束后 天继续服用,不会影响减肥效果。

7. 不适合人群:

Leptin Weight Loss Dried Plum 瘦身话梅

Leptin Weight Loss Dried Plum
It will not restrict your appetite! Not stimulate your nerve centre, without addiction, fatigue or reoccurrence!

The benefits of natural weight loss dried plum

1. Healthy Natural Diet Product
It is not a diet pill or weight loss pill; it is a natural organic diet food/diet fruit. No side effects and it will help you increase your energy for a healthy life

2. Easy and Natural Weight Loss Diet Product
Just enjoy this Leptin Weight Loss Dried Plum after your dinner, as your dessert every night. And you will visit the toilet in the morning, your fat, undercharged faeces and toxins will come out.

3. Full with nutrition, it's the best healthy way
Organic plum provides proper nutrition for our good health, it's full with vitamins and minerals like potassium, Vitamin A, magnesium, iron and fiber to help us stay healthy, balanced and energized. It can improve our blood circulation by preventing platelet clotting.

Dried Plum
Active lactobacullus
Lotus leaves
Puerh tea

Directions: Take one plum every day after dinner, as your dessert. Recommended minimum of 2 litres of water per day.

Contents: 15 factory sealed packs per box

Usage: 1pack/day. Consume for 6 days continuously then stop for 1 day.
It is recommended to consume 1 plum after dinner, for the first time. Peristalis will occur within 4-8 hours resulting in the increase of bowel activity and excretion of faeces is a usual outcome.

Suitable Population: People looking at reducing their weight and body weight control due to excessive nutrition, lack of exercise, and many social activities such as overeating and drinking.

Suitable Age: 18-60 Years Old

Storage: Keep away from places of high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. If taken after frozen, it is known to have a better taste. Consume as soon as opening the packet

* Children and pregnant women are not recommended to consume
* Persons with serious gastrointestinal ulcers are forbidden
* Do not swallow because of fruit core

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
[Main Ingredients] Plum, lactic acid bacteria, Xylooligosaccharides, pink roses, Mulberry
[Specifications] 15pcs × 10 g per box
[Dosage] Take 1 pc every 2 ~ 3 day, eat before going to bed.
[Suitable For] defecation problems (constipation), pale dull (acne), body waste, toxic
[Durability] 18 months
[Storage Method] Avoid placing at high-temperature, moisture and direct sunlight
[Note] Children and pregnant women are not recommended for taking; serious gastrointestinal ulcers were used with caution; Do not swallow the seed

原 装进口美国 Leptin 减肥话梅是通过超低温萃取法,从云南普洱茶、荷叶等可做膳食用之草本植物中萃取出有效成分,通过科学配伍,以古方秘制的话梅为载体,接种特制微胶囊化活性 乳酸菌,经复杂工序生产而成的不含任何化学药剂的纯天然健康食品。减肥不需要刻意节食,对人体无任何副作用。同时不抑制食欲,不刺激神经中枢,不成瘾,不 厌食,不乏力,不反弹!

美国 Leptin 话梅以话梅为载体,帮助我们做好“体内环保”,48小时持续保护您的肠胃、滋润肠道、软化干涸粪便、分解有害物质,并使其易于排出体外。能迅速修复肠道壁 受损细胞, 滋养肠粘膜, 清除肠道内自由基, 延缓细胞衰老, 启动细胞活力, 达到养肠效果。

[主要 配料] 话梅、乳酸菌、低聚木糖、粉红玫瑰、桑椹
[规格型号] 15粒×10克/盒
[食用方法] 每日一次,晚餐后拆开一包嚼食 / 每2-3天吃一粒
[食用人群] 排便困难(便秘)、脸色晦暗(痤疮)、体内垃圾、毒素沉积者
[保质期限] 18个月
[贮藏方法] 避免置于高温、潮湿及日光直射处
[注意事项] 幼儿、孕妇不建议食用;严重消化道溃疡者慎用;内有果核请勿吞食。

美国 Leptin 制药公司监制
U.S. Leptin Pharmaceutical Company supervises the manufacture of this product.